Ever wondered what goes into a good brief?


Ever wondered what's holding briefs back from being better?

Ever wondered how clients and agencies could inspire each other more?


We did. That's why we created the BetterBriefs Project.


We hope it will provide a perspective on where briefs succeed and where they fail.


We hope it will give you a few clues about where to improve the process and gain more clarity.


We see it as an opportunity for marketers and creative agencies to come together to make the flow of information better.


We hope to share our results with you during the second half of 2021.


Click through to the survey, built by friends Flood + Partners, if you’d like to participate.


Supported by:

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A project designed by two agency planners with too many grey hairs who decided they’d follow through on an idea.

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And if you enjoyed the survey, here's where to find the best researchers going around.

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